You've Got Questions - We've Got Answers

I've never had an massage before.  What should I expect? 

Welcome! We love newbies and we think that after you're first massage, you're going to wonder why you've waited to so long to get one. Upon arrival, we'll welcome you to the space and ask you to fill out some paperwork.  This is for both us (we are legally required to keep some paperwork) and you (so we know what you're needs are). After that, we will take you back to the massage room, have a brief conversation about what you're looking for, answer any questions, and get straight into your massage!

Do I have to take my clothes off?

Most massages are done unclothed while you stay modestly covered with the linens and blanket - HOWEVER! You will never be asked to undress past your comfort level. If you are interested in experiencing massage but do not want to remove your clothes, Steph and Bekah can accommodate you. There will be some differences in the way we do some techniques but we can give you an amazing massage completely clothed.

Do you take tips?

Consistent bodywork is expensive and we work hard to try and keep things affordable for our community. Massage is still considered a service industry in most places. As a therapeutic clinic, we straddle the line between the service industry and medical (most people don't tip their chiros or doctors). That being said, we always welcome tips if you're able but they are never required. 

Do you take insurance or Health Savings Accounts?

At this time, because of our merchant we are unable to take HSA's. We also do not accept insurance.  We are working towards providing a reimbursement letter for clients to submit to their respective insurances but due to billing costs, codes, and standards, we cannot submit for you.

Can I make a last minute appointment?

You can try but last minute appointments are never guaranteed.  Our book system closes bookings 4 hours prior to a service time.  So if you want a massage at 4 pm, the last time you can book online is 11:59 am. You can attempt to reach us by phone but if we are in session, we will not be able to answer and we may not receive your voicemail or request in time.

What do I do if I can't make my scheduled appointment?

Reschedule as soon as possible. If you are in our last minute window, you will be asked to pay 50% of your service cost. This is due to the fact that no one else will be able to make an appointment for your slot and we lose money.  If it's a legit emergency and you rebook and make your next appointment, we will refund that 50% and charge you a rebooking fee ($15) instead. If you are a no call/no show and wish to make another appointment, you will be required to pay the full cost of service upfront and you will not receive a refund if you miss that appointment. We love our clients and we understand when life happens. But we have certain boundaries around our time. If you honor that, we will honor you when you need us to. 

You mentioned you collaborate with other wellness providers. How do I find out more about them?

We believe that no one has a monopoly on any individual's wellness. We believe that we may not be what someone needs at any given time and we strive to be able to help anyone find the care and services they are looking for. We also are trying to keep things local and support other wellness business in our local community. Here is a list of other individual businesses we are comfortable referring you to:

Acupuncture - Dr. Bruce Roff, Roots of Wellness, Dandridge

Personal Training/Gym - Coach Whitehead, House of Pain, Jefferson City

Massage (relaxation) - Rhonda Cannon, Metta Massage, Dandridge

Yoga - Amy Lea Hodges - Amy Lea Yoga and Wellness, Jefferson City